We work with a bunch of different artist booking minor shows in Denmark but mostly we work with managing two artists namely Lasse Matthiessen (Berlin/DK) & Blaustrøm (DK/Berlin).


Lasse Matthiessen 

Lasse Matthiessen is a singer and songwriter living in Berlin and Copenhagen. 

The music of Lasse Matthiessen moves between the coordinates of slowmotion, melancholy, and folk. Often Matthiessen’s music leaves his audience with a slight taste of Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, and José Gonzales – let it be the strumming of a chord or the frasing of a melody. Inspite of the influences, the music of Lasse Matthiessen stays its own. In June 2007 Lasse Matthiessen gave out his debut album Stray Dog on Zpektakel Records.

Lasses sophomore album ”Dead Man Waltz” is set to be released on April 27. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the German Berlin based label Solaris Empire  & the Danish Zpektakel Records. Later a release date for Denmark will follow. Songs from the album has allready been used in German television on the channel ARD.

Music from Lasses debut album “Stray Dog” (2007) has been released in different countries, for instance in Austria on a Universal compilation with, among others, Elliott Smith, Rufus Wainwright, Beirut, Sufjan Stevens and Bright Eyes.

At times, he is sensitive and fragile, at times intense and forceful. The music of Lasse Matthiessen holds a distinct duality – fragility and wildness; a duality that can also be found in his voice. With his lightly melancholy songs, he creates a poetic universe that moves between the coordinates of slow motion, melancholy and sincerity. Lasse’s lyrics are imbued with wanderlust and melancholia and are conceived in a collage of impressions from books, text, others’ conversations, visits to bars and photography.

In 2009, Lasse Matthiessen was named Newcomer of the Year 2009 (songwriter) by the largest radio channel in Berlin, Radio Eins. He lives in Berlin and has been on tour, playing more than 130 concerts in the last three years in Germany, France, Austria, Spain, USA, Norway and the Netherlands, in such venues as Paradiso (Amsterdam), Tempodrom – kleine Arena (Berlin) and La Bellevilloise (Paris).



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